The sweet smell of success: How aroma can help you sell your home

(ARA) - If you're selling your home, you've probably heard about the value of "staging" it. Visually appealing decorative touches and artful arrangement of furnishings can help potential buyers recognize the appeal of your home and picture themselves living there. To strengthen your staging efforts, don't overlook the positive power of aroma. 

Ambient fragrance started to trickle into the real estate market years ago with savvy agents baking cookies or cinnamon rolls in the homes they were showing to create a comforting, deliciously scented atmosphere that was meant to entice buyers.

"The essential oils that are used in the practice of aromatherapy offer a more practical and potent way to use scent marketing to move a tired property," says Tom Havran, branded products developer with Aura Cacia. "Using even tiny amounts of familiar, tempting aromas like the oils of cinnamon, clove, vanilla and orange can fill a whole house with pleasant ambient fragrance and make it an attractive purchase for potential buyers."
An added bonus is that since essential oils are all-natural and distilled from plants, they are less likely to elicit the kind of adverse reactions that often come with harshly synthetic wall socket plug-ins or spray fragrances. Learn more at