Decorating for a trendy Christmas on a non-trendy budget

Selling your house during the holidays? Do it with style.
(ARA) - We are all watching our wallets closely as we begin to prepare for Christmas. There are children, parents, siblings, friends, teachers and a host of others for whom we need to purchase gifts. And you're likely planning to throw at least one holiday gathering that involves large quantities of food and drink.

Then there are your holiday decorations. If you're like most homeowners, you were planning to simply pull out the lights, ornaments and adornments that you've been using for the last couple of years. But what if you could have all new decorations without the expensive price tag? And what if you are trying to sell your home during the holiday season as well?

There are creative, cost-effective ways to spruce up your existing decorations with the season's trendiest colors without breaking the bank. Here's a look at some inspired holiday project ideas:

Make your interior merrier
Your Christmas tree sets the stage for the holiday theme and feel of your home. Refinishing ornaments is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your look. Grab a couple of cans of spray paint from your local craft or hardware store, such as Krylon's indoor/outdoor paint in colors like satin jade, Catalina mist or blue ocean breeze, to create an entirely new color scheme on which you can build.

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Remember, though, that your newly transformed ornaments can be used for more than just your tree. You likely have clear glass vases and bowls hiding around your home. Bring them out and add the painted ornaments to create a clever centerpiece on your kitchen table or in a guest bathroom. Write your guests' names on some ornaments with a metallic leafing pen to mark place settings at dinner or to use as a unique gift tag.

Inexpensive terra cotta pots can easily be transformed into glowing accent lighting for your coffee table, fireplace mantel or buffet. Spray the pots and bases with metallic spray paint and just add candles.

To add even more sparkle to your decor, accent fresh greenery and pine garland with glitter spray. Combine with the terra cotta pots for a distinctive centerpiece or easily hang around a door frame, mantel or entertainment center.

Spice up outdoor festivities
While you could always default to last year's strings of lights and inflatable Santa and reindeer, why not add some more color and distinctiveness to the outside of your home?

Instead of the white icicle lights that have adorned your house for the last couple of years, break out those colored lights buried in that dusty box marked "lights of Christmases past." Red, green or even blue will help you expand your holiday color palette.

The trees in your front yard were meant to hold more than just lights during the holiday season. Jazz them up with oversized Christmas ornaments painted in complementary colors to your new lighting scheme. You can recycle ornaments you already have or repurpose large round items bought at a flea market or garage sale. A few cans of indoor/outdoor spray paint and some string or hooks will transform your oversized ornaments and make your trees glow with color.

Don't forget the front door and windows. If you're like most homeowners, you've accumulated a number of wreaths over the years. Dig them out of the back of your attic and spruce them up with some spray paint, such as Krylon's Premium Metallic finish. You can also add new cost-effective embellishments like pinecones, shimmery ribbon or silk flowers. These "upcycled" wreaths will help add warmth to the outside of your home.

Whether you're looking to spice up the inside or outside of your home this holiday season, don't forget to look around the house and in those boxes of old holiday decorations for objects you can turn into the trendy item of the season on a budget. For more Christmas and holiday project inspiration, visit