Good fences

A mural can add beauty to your fence and landscape
You have heard it said that good fences make good neighbors. Well, in addition to that good fences also add to your home's curb appeal.

In fact, bad fences - weathered, broken, leaning - also take a lot away from the look of your home as well.

We don't often think of our fences until it's time to do something about them. Most of the year they just help frame our yard. Most likely you share your fence with one or more neighbors, so you can't make radical changes without consulting a number of other homeowners.

Still, there's plenty you can do to dress up the part of the fence that's yours.

Step one for fence maintenance is repairing any broken wood, especially fence posts that have rotted in the ground. Leaning fences leave a poor impression of your home.

Fixing a fence post is inexpensive and easy to do in one day. Your local home improvement store will have all the supplies you need, as well as advice on doing it right. Make sure you purchase the same used throughout your fence line.

Paint and stain
Some fences are painted. Some fences are stained. Most are left untouched from the day they were constructed. If you have a painted or stained fence, put a fresh coat on the wood and any sealant that will help it last through the wet season. If sprinklers wet your fence boards on a regular basis, adjust them away from the wood.

If you want to dress up your untreated fence, buy samples of paints and stains that appeal to you  and try them out on an inconspicuous portion of the fence.

Vines and shrubbery
We often plant vines and shrubbery to hide or soften portions of our environment. Over the years, fences can become overgrown with plant life. Trim away the overgrowth and make sure portions of the fence can be seen.

Well maintained landscaping and fencing work well together and give your home a more inviting look.

A trellis can add style to your fence
Dress it up
There are many ways to dress up your fence. Some people pay muralists to paint beautiful designs and scenery that complements the backyard. Other people  install trellises, lamp stands, and other decorative hardware on or along their fence to incorporate it into the overall look of the backyard and home.