Four ways a Realtor helps you

Unless you are a Realtor, you probably don't follow the real estate market very closely. Most people lose interest in following the intricacies of the housing market once they have successfully bought or sold their home.

As a Realtor, my livelihood depends on my knowledge of the housing market, relationships with key professionals in finance, home inspection, title insurance, and others. It's paying attention to the little details and maintaining good working relationships with other professionals that makes working with a Realtor a real value. You could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars more when you go it alone and aren't aware of vital factors in your transaction.

With that in mind, here are four major reasons you should consider using a certified Realtor the next time you sell a property:

1) A Realtor will know how and where to advertise the sale of your property.

2) A Realtor has the power to market your home to other agents, who have buyers looking for homes at the moment.

3) A Realtor will help you negotiate the sale of your home using relevant and up-to-date data.

4) A Realtor will help seal the deal on your home with a successful closing. Issues are bound to come up during escrow, and a Realtor will know the resources needed to get a quick resolution.

All Estates Realtors: All Estates announces top agents for June 2010

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All Estates Realtors: All Estates announces top agents for June 2010: "June turned out to be a good month for 10 All Estates agents. Paulette Kaestner was the top sales agent for the month, and Maria Helm beca..."

Better credit = better buying power

Unless you have the cash to buy a home outright, you will be relying on your credit to obtain a loan for the purchase. For most of us our good credit is something closely guarded. We want it to reflect our sense of responsibility to pay the debts we owe.

Yet, even when we are diligent black marks can appear on our credit, through no fault of our own. Identity theft, date entry errors and other problems can create negative marks on a credit report which can downgrade your score. If you are in the market for a home you will need to clear up inaccuracies quickly.

Here are four steps you can take to manage the accuracy of your credit report and leverage your best buying power.

1) Get a free copy of your credit report from all three reporting bureaus. Go to to request your free copy. Under federal law, you can receive a free copy of your credit report every 12 months.

All Estates Realtors --- (800) 625-1885: All Estates chips in for charity

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All Estates Realtors --- (800) 625-1885: All Estates chips in for charity: "As the saying goes 'Charity starts at home.' And there is no charity more worthy than one that helps children faced with devastating health ..."

Clutter turns buyers away

Messes are inevitable. Any homeowner knows that sometimes it's hard to stay on top of keeping things clean and orderly. Holidays, tough work weeks, visitors, home improvement projects - all of it contributes to the difficulty in keeping a tidy home.

But when your home is on the market, the clutter can be a deterrent to potential buyers. In my experience there are four areas you need to concentrate on to keep your home ready to show:

The kitchen
Start the clean up process in the kitchen, which may be the most important room to consider.

Be a smart home seller in 3 easy steps

There is a lot of advice given on being a smart home buyer. Not as much is said about being a smart home seller. In my experience, the best deals are made between a smart buyer and a smart seller.

Smart sellers are the homeowners who know what buyers are looking for and do their best to market the home in a way that attracts qualified buyers that appreciate dealing with a savvy seller. So what does it take to be a smart home seller? I have broken it down into three easy steps.

Be serious
Smart selling means being prepared to put the home's best foot forward. The house is clean and orderly, inside and out. Broken or damaged items are repaired and maintained to their best working condition.