Summertime curb appeal

The last days of spring may be the very best time to showcase your home's curb appeal. With flowers blooming, trees producing new, shady foliage, and clear sunshine your home will look fresh and inviting to potential buyers.

Now that the rainy season is behind us and the heat is starting to climb, it's time to give your landscape some special attention.

To make sure you have a beautiful yard for summer there are a few projects you will want to consider.

Your lawn was probably green even through the winter, but even as we move into summer it will need some attention. First off, if you haven't applied a fertilizer with nitrogen in a while, it's probably a good time to do so. Remove any weeds or dandelions you find. Don't "burn" your lawn by mowing your tall fescue too short.
Keep aphids and other garden pests away from your new growth. If you see damaged leaves on roses, citrus, or fruit trees, it may be caused by aphids. Use a strong stream of water to wash away aphids, or use an insecticidal soap or oil. A natural technique to rid yourself of aphids is to release ladybugs. You can bait snails and slugs or remove them by hand.

Flowers and shrubs
Use organic matter, like compost, to spread across the planting surface. The compost helps in a few ways, such as adding nutrients to the soil, controlling temperature and moisture, as well as keeping down weeds. Tree trunks should be cleared of mulch by several inches.

Now is the time to prune your evergreens and hedge plants. Fruit trees are best pruned in the winter during their dormant cycle, but they can be shaped now.

Best to do your sprinkler and irrigation repair now, instead of in the scorching heat of summer. Make sure your plants are getting the appropriate amount of water. Be mindful of the plants you place in your flowerbeds. Avoid plants that are not head or drought tolerant, or that may need an excessive amount of water.

A beautiful landscape is well worth the effort and the curb appeal if gives your home.